Book 3 - The Origin of the Universe

Zum Warenkorb hinzufügen

As we are helping with series of books which have been published and are to be released, to build the full knowledge of the structure of the operation of the magnetic fields and their interactions in the world of creation for man to understand the entire process, one comes to the point that one has to explain different proportions of this entity in different levels of creation of the greater universe and not the man’s universe. In the first book the creation of matter, the operation and interaction of smaller fields, which leads to creation of matters was explained. In the second book we merely explained the method of travel of the collection of fields in the form of so called light. In this third book, I have explained further the operation and interaction of bigger cells of the same fields, which then leads to the creation of the man's universe and more, and what is too much for man to understand with his present scientific knowledge, and he calls it the universe.